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About Dave Franks

Dave Franks is the owner and operator of Dave Franks Photos with 35 years experience in the photography business.  Dave’s expertise is highly regarded by clients in Ontario, across Canada and in the US. He has obtained his vast knowledge of the world of photography by working with people from various sectors such as sports teams, trade shows, stock car racing, including NASCAR, transportation and even the occasional wedding.

For a number of years Dave worked extensively with STP, which brought him in contact with the famous Richard Petty. Through this connection, he came to the attention of NASCAR, who for many years continue to use his services for their various sanctioned events.

His corporate clients have included such well known organizations as:

** Goodyear Canada /USA, along with other major tire corporations, i.e. Carquest Motor Sports Canada /USA, First Brands USA, and Canadian Tire Corporation.

** Various Canadian @ USA Auction Companies along with major Automotive Parts Suppliers .

** Inside Track News, Stock Car Magazine, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, Speedway Directory, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, USA/Today, along with other countless major media outlets.

For all your photography needs a phone call to Dave Franks will provide you with information you require, and if Dave for some reason is unable to handle the assignment, he can refer you to a select team of fellow photography professionals who can.

Some of Dave's photos are also displayed by various Speedways, Inside Track and OSCAAR, and can be found through the following links:
- Inside Track Blog
- Inside Track Gallery

Contact Info

The best way to find Dave is in the speedway pits. But if you can't contact him there, you can purchase copies of Dave Franks Photos by contacting him here:
12 Cantrill Court, Brampton, Ontario L6Z 1A3
Tel: (905) 846-3615
Cel:(647) 668-1941

Printed Images

  • 5 X 7 Photo …………… $8.00 (in Mount)
  • 8 X 10 Photo ………… $15.00 (in Mount)
  • 11 X 14 Photo ……… $55.00 (Dry Mounted)
  • 16 X 20 Photo ……… $65.00 (Dry Mounted)
  • 20 X 24 Photo ……… $75.00 (Dry Mounted)
  • 5 X 7 Photo …………… $20.00 (Plak-Mounted)
  • 8 X 10 Photo ………… $35.00 (Plak-Mounted)
  • 11 X 14 Photo ……… $70.00 (Plak-Mounted)
  • 16 X 20 Photo ……… $80.00 (Plak-Mounted)
  • 20 X 24 Photo ……… $100.00 (Plak-Mounted)
  • Sponsors Plaques: 11x11 Plak-Mounted with Plate ....... $75.00
  • 6 x 8 Hero PHOTO’S are $1.00 each with minimum order of 200.
  • “All set up charges included”

Digital Images

Contact Dave for information: Tel: (905) 846-3615 or Cel:(647) 668-1941 or Email:

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